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24/7 InPost Lockers help to drive additional footfall, higher basket spends and new customers to your business. The added convenience of being able to send and receive parcels during shopping trips will be appreciated by consumers, helping to elevate their perception of your brand. 

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How does it work?

Consumers can use InPost Lockers to collect and return online shopping as well as send parcels rather than visiting the post office. This saves your current customers precious time and encourages new customer footfall.


visit the store after accessing their locker


then go on to make a purchase


had not visited the store in the last three months

Additionally, when compared to home delivery, InPost lockers have a positive environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 2/3.

What’s involved?

Hosting an InPost Locker is completely hassle-free. There are no landlord obligations and the customer journey is fully managed by InPost’s customer service team.

We also cover all the costs of installation, business rates and maintenance.

Requirements for installation:

  • A location with 24/7 access by the general public
  • Space of 4.0m width, 2.21m height, 0.92m depth
  • A 10amp connection to your nearest power supply

What is our vision?

After incredible success in Europe, we’re eager to partner with leading retailers in the UK. Our goal is to change online shopping behaviour for the better and create greener communities with sustainable deliveries by reducing last-mile journeys and emissions.

Our partners include big-name retailers such as Lidl and Morrisons. We also have a fantastic relationship with transport organisations such as Transport for London and South Western Railway.

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