Increase footfall and consumer convenience with an InPost Locker

24/7 InPost Lockers are convenient for consumers, attract footfall and improve the local environment. Outdoor lockers can be hosted by a wide range of landlords.
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Property Developers, Managers and Landlords

Add value and convenience to your property schemes by providing residents, shoppers, guests, and communities an InPost self-service parcel locker.

Not only will you enhance the customer experience, but you will be bringing down delivery’s impact on global warming, toxic emissions, traffic congestion and road safety in your communities.

1. Contact-free deliveries

Residents, shoppers and guests can send and receive parcels without human interaction. This is especially important right now and helps to keep your residents safe and healthy.

2. Convenient 24/7 access

InPost Lockers are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, allowing residents to handle their parcels in a way that suits their unique lifestyle.

3. Improving the environment

Fewer courier journeys and less missed deliveries help reduce congestion and lower CO2 emissions by up to 2/3  when compared to home deliveries.

Retail Chains

With an InPost Locker, you can offer your customers convenience and drive more footfall and higher basket spends in your stores. This is because customers will often combine multiple errands into a single trip.

1. Drive footfall and incremental revenues

From our in-depth consumer survey of InPost users at a major UK retailer, we found that:

  • 50% of consumers visit the store after accessing their locker
  • 86% then go on to make a purchase
  • 30% of all consumers had not visited the store in the last three months

2. Offer convenience to consumers

InPost self-service lockers make deliveries easier for consumers. This positive experience helps to elevate consumer perception of your brand.

3. Show your support for greener initiatives

Hosting an InPost Locker has a positive environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 2/3 and decreasing congestion in the immediate area.

Independent Retailers

InPost Lockers help to drive additional footfall, increase basket spend and encourage new customers to visit your store. Hosting an InPost Locker will also generate an incremental income for you.

1. Earn additional income

Rather than paying us to rent a locker, we will pay you an incremental income for hosting an InPost Locker at your location.

2. Absolutely nothing to pay

You have absolutely nothing to pay to host an InPost Locker. We will fund the entire cost of installation, business rates and maintenance. Our lockers are also fully automated, so you don’t need to factor in any additional staff training.

3. Higher customer footfall

The convenience of using InPost Lockers will drive additional footfall to your store. This gives your existing customers an added incentive to visit and will encourage new customers to become aware of your location.

Leisure Centres

Hosting an InPost Locker at your leisure facilities is an excellent way to appeal to health-conscious members of the public and drive additional footfall.

Providing a self-service locker means that you will be offering your customers a 100% contact-free delivery service. You’ll also be playing your part in reducing carbon emissions by encouraging your members to collect their deliveries as part of their health and fitness routines.

1. Increase new memberships

Hosting an InPost Locker will help to drive additional footfall to your location and demonstrate your commitment to consumer convenience. This improved awareness and positive perception of your business will encourage new membership sign-ups.

2. More commitment from existing members

InPost customers often “trip-chain” by turning two trips into one. Having a convenient place to collect and drop off parcels as part of a routine will encourage your existing members to stay committed to their fitness goals.

Education Facilities

Hosting an outdoor locker on your property will provide a valuable service to students and local residents, reduce congestion in and around campus and make a positive contribution to the local environment.

1. Enhance student experiences

Receiving care packages from home and ordering items online is a big part of student life. Convenient self-service lockers on-site will allow students to focus on their studies rather than queueing at the post office.

2. Contact-free deliveries

Students and staff are already at high risk of infection from colds and viruses. So having an easy to use contact-free delivery option will help to reduce that risk.

3. Ease the pressure on your staff

College and university staff often handle a large number of parcels for students. You can help to ease this workload by providing students with a means to manage their deliveries 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


Give your passengers added convenience by providing them with self-service and contact-free parcel delivery. Hosting InPost Lockers also helps to improve the environment of local communities.

1. Offer a convenient service

Lockers make parcel deliveries hassle-free, especially in locations where consumers don’t have to go out of their way. By hosting lockers outside stations, your passengers will start or end their journey with a great experience.

2. Improve air quality and the environment

Locker deliveries help to reduce toxic emissions in the local communities you serve. They also encourage ‘trip chaining’, which can reduce unnecessary car journeys.

3. Contact-free deliveries

Lockers require no human interaction, helping your passengers to feel safe when sending and receiving parcels.