We’re removing labels

Offer your customers a 10 second drop-off experience with Instant Returns

Returns. Rewritten.

“Love shopping online, hate doing returns” is an all too familiar phrase we hear from consumers.

InPost wants to change the narrative. So we’re starting with Instant Returns.


No label printing and none of the usual queues. All they do is scan and drop.


24/7 availability in locations designed to fit in with the everyday


An easy self-service process brings the same reliable experience with every return

As simple as scan and drop

With no label printing at home or at the locker, your customers can return in seconds and still avoid the usual queues, inconsistent opening times and unnecessary interaction.

This means less stress and wasted time for them and happier, more loyal customers for you.


of consumers aged 18-34 would rather use a code on their phone than a physical label

Read more insights like this in our Returns.Unpacked. report here

How does Instant Returns work?

The customer enters their details on a returns portal and generates a QR code

They go to a locker, scan the code and put the parcel inside

A courier collects the parcel from the locker and applies a label

The customer can track the parcel’s journey back to the retailer

Easy to integrate with your systems

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ReBOUND Returns

InPost Returns

API integration

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